CHICAGO (CBS) — An influential Chicago Public Schools principal has said the district’s own figures show much of Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s education reform plan isn’t working.

WBBM Newsradio Political Editor Craig Dellimore reports Blaine Elementary School Principal Troy LaRaviere doesn’t deny test scores have gone up for CPS, but he said if Emanuel thinks privately-run charter schools or schools taken over by the Academy for Urban School Leadership under the district’s “turnaround” policy are leading the charge, think again.

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“Differences are stark. Although charters make up only 17 percent of district schools, out of the 30 lowest-performing schools in CPS, more than half are charters or turnarounds. Of the 10 lowest-performing schools at CPS, seven are charters and turnarounds,” he said.

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LaRaviere, who chairs the Administrators Alliance for Proven Policy and Legislation in Education (APPLE) – a school administrators’ reform group – said Emanuel and the Chicago Board of Education need to shift their focus to neighborhood schools.

He said CPS data proves there has been more achievement in neighborhood schools than at charters.

“That idea of growth is very important. This isn’t attainment, because attainment can be based on recruitment policies,” he said. “Growth measures what students learn from one year to the next, and in terms of growth, those numbers that I’ve just cited are where charter schools stand right now. They’re getting students and doing very little with them in terms of fostering academic growth.”

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The mayor has said many parents prefer charter schools and deserve the choice.