(CBS) If it’s possible for something to be low and hilarious, this would be it.

Ahead of the start of the MLB postseason, which it in part televises, TBS has spoofed the infamous “Boom goes the dynamite” video that went viral on Youtube back in 2005 after Ball State student broadcaster Brian Collins had an incredibly bizarre and awkward sports segment on a campus television station. It was, of course, capped off by Collins’ classic “Boom goes the dynamite” line.

In TBS’ version, it uses analysts Pedro Martinez, Cal Ripken Jr., Ron Darling and Gary Sheffield to poke fun at the old video, having the guys announce baseball highlights of their own. See it for yourself below.

[mlbvideo id=”36709131″ width=”400″ height=”224″ /]

You can watch Collins’ snafu below, too. For those wondering, as of 2010, Collins has recovered quite well from being a punchline. A Sports Illustrated “Where are they now?” article said he was a web producer at a station in Cincinnati.