(CBS) — Burnham Elementary School in Cicero – Class of 1939 – celebrated its 75th and final reunion this afternoon.

“This was a different time,” said Doris Miller, Burnham School, Class of ’39. “It was after the Depression and everybody was happy.”

Burnham was first through eighth grades.

In that class: the reunion organizers – Richard Stovicek and his wife LaVerne.

“It’s been an unusual group. Very close, very caring. And we just love seeing each other once a year. We enjoy the company of everybody.”

WBBM: And you are how old?

“I’m 89,” says Richard. “Going on 90.”

“I’m 27 days older than him,” says LaVerne.

“She brings that up all the time that she’s older than I am.”

“He always brings it up that he married an older woman. I’m 27 days older.”

120 students in the Class of ’39. At this 75th reunion, nine graduates and their families showed up.

Richard Stovicek says this is the last reunion.

“Everybody says ‘one more year, one more year,’ but that’s been going on for five or six years. We have to end it at some point.”