(CBS) — Some Northwest Indiana residents say they live in no-man’s land and don’t feel they are protected if a fire was to break out.

In the wake of a massive fire last month in Unincorporated Calumet Township, residents have lots of questions, but the answers they’re getting don’t make them happy.

CBS 2’s Dorothy Tucker reports he raging fire at Stash construction was more than the Lake Ridge Volunteer Fire Department could handle. Neighboring departments came to the rescue with manpower and equipment, but what they didn’t have was easy access to water.

No hydrants for a two mile stretch along 45th street. In fact, throughout unincorporated Calumet Township, fire officials say there are only 107 hydrants in a community that could use three times as many.

“If you get a fire around here and you got problems.

The closest hydrant to Velia Taneff’s home is at least a half a mile down the road.

“No one is listening because we don’t have the elected politicians that live here,” she said.

Mike Repay is a local politician from Hammond representing the township. He recently approved a $4.4 million highway project that put in new streets, sidewalks, and drainage but no hydrants.

“The reason no hydrants is that there was no request to put hydrants in during the project,” Repay said.

Chief Booth says the commissioners should have contacted the Lake Ridge Fire Protection District.

“They weren’t contacted, it was an oversight,” Chief Booth said.

There is more construction scheduled for the community in the near future. Residents, fire officials and politicians all say the lack of fire hydrants will be addressed.

Dorothy Tucker