(CBS) –One of the highest ranking Chicago Police officers ever shot in the line of duty is recovering after being shot at least twice, with wounds to the head and shoulder.

Captain Edward Kulbida is the second in command at the 7th District in Englewood. Tuesday night, the 29 year department veteran became a victim of gun violence, in the very district, he had taken an oath to protect.

Chicago Police Supt. Garry McCarthy visited Kulbida on Wednesday and says he has hsearing loss in right ear, which is hoped to just be temporary. McCarthy also says Kulbida is in good spirits and cracking jokes.

Sources say Kulbida and other 7th district officers were assisting the CPD’s Fugitive Apprehension Team and the US Marshals as they were looking for Daniel Brown. Brown was wanted for multiple shootings in Indiana.

As authorities moved in, to arrest Brown, shots were fired at the police. Kulbida was hit. Sources say he was shot above an eye, near his temple. A bullet also went through his cheek. A bullet lodged in his jaw. Kulbida was also shot in the back and has a broken collarbone. In spite of all of those injuries, he’s in good spirits.

Indianapolis Police Chief Rick Hite, visited Kulbida with Chicago Supt. McCarthy this afternoon.

“Well he has been decorated as I understand. over 100 times. He is a working boss, as we call it. A policeman’s policeman. A cops cop. A guy I would go through a door with at any time. Here he is really wounded and ready to go get back out to in the streets and lead the streets. That’s the kind of police officer you want to have in your neighborhood and on your police department,” said Indianapolis Police Chief Rick Hite.