(CBS) — Francis Cardinal George remarked about his own mortality Friday at a dedication in Washington state.

CBS 2’s Mike Parker reports on the ceremony in a Yakima area gym named in his honor.

George spent some of his last few precious hours as a prince of the church in Washington state. He was reaching out to touch his past.

He was the bishop of Yakima for six years in the 1990s, and was back to celebrate a Mass to dedicate the new Catholic high school gymnasium that has been named in his honor.

It’s a $5 million project.

“If this were Chicago, it would not be named after me. I have a rule that we never name buildings after people who are alive, because you never know. I am grateful that you named this building after me and I’m alive to know it,” George said.

When construction started years ago, one local family that provided major financial backing for the project,insisted that it be named the Francis Cardinal George Gymnasium. And so it has been.

Despite the cardinal’s health problems and his unsteady gait — he is still on crutches — he has a busy schedule in Yakima during the entire weekend.

He’ll speak at a giant “Celebration of the Faith” event at the local convention center and celebrate yet another Mass at St. Paul Cathedral on Sunday.