(CBS) — Amid the festivities of Chicago’s Columbus Day Parade, the major party candidates for governor were discovering the usual ways to lob accusations at each other, reports WBBM Political Editor Craig Dellimore.

Governor Quinn told reporters at a veterans’ event that Republican rival Bruce Rauner is hiding his complete tax returns from the voters.

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“I released all the schedules that go with my income tax return. He has not. The reason is he is hiding his loopholes. This is a person who has $60 million but who wants to cut the minimum wage and eliminate the minimum wage,” Quinn said.

Rauner fired back at the Democratic incumbent before marching in the Columbus Day Parade.

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“Obviously I am not doing much in the way of loopholes because my tax rate is 27 percent, way, way higher than Pat Quinn’s,” Rauner said. “There’s no tax loopholes. Pat Quinn is trying to divert attention from his hidden tax hike. What he wants to do is raise taxes on the families.”

Rauner says Quinn wants to make the 2011 temporary income tax increase permanent immediately after the election. Governor Quinn says he has no secret plans and wants to preserve education funding.

“I laid out a budget earlier this year that maintains the revenue necessary to have good schools,” he said.

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Quinn says Rauner wants to put a new tax on services that everyday people use, though Rauner has insisted it will mostly affect businesses.