(CBS) — Drivers are doing double takes when they go to fill up.

Gas is selling at under three bucks a gallon at some stations in suburbs like Naperville, Aurora and Lisle and across the border in Indiana in Gary, Hobart and Merrillville.

CBS 2’s Mike Parker reports drivers are a little stunned.

“It’s a lot better than in the city, I live in the city in Logan Square and its I would say at least 45 to 50 cents more from the last time I can remember,” said Brian Gambino.

Patrick DeHann of Gasbuddy.com says, “We have a lot going on. Gas prices tend to decline on the autumn but thanks to OPEC and a looming price war among Saudi Arabia, Iran and Iraq we’re seeing a huge drop in gasoline prices.”

Gasbuddy.com says these are the lowest gasoline prices in the area in three years.

“We do have another 10 to 20 cent a gallon decline coming ahead of us in the weeks ahead,” DeHann said.