(CBS) We’ve seen a few fandom maps of America for various sports over the past few months, and today Twitter has released one on the NFL based off its own data (they’ve often been based off Facebook data). The map is broken down county-by-county, and you can see it above.

It comes as no surprise that the Bears dominate as Illinois’ favorite team, but you can see that their fans are quite concentrated within the state boundaries. A few counties in western Iowa love the Bears, but soon turns over to the Packers, Colts, Rams and Chiefs elsewhere. The Rams also have more fans in southern Illinois than the Bears, as would be expected.

What’s a little more shocking is that the Bears only bring in 33 percent of the favorite team vote right here in Cook County. Most areas around the cities that other teams play in have a higher percentage of support, so perhaps it’s a nod to Chicago being a destination to live or work in for people who grew up in other areas and keep their original fandom.

It’s also interesting to see what out-of-state areas the Bears have a fair percentage of fans in. Somehow, they have heavy support in Franklin County in Florida. There are also more small pockets of Bears fans out West than on the East Coast.

You can view Twitter’s entire interactive map here.