By Dan Bernstein- senior columnist

(CBS) I guess that’s “unacceptable,” too, right?

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After a week that began with self-aggrandizing shouting and then spun into an uncomfortable mess of lying and denials and rationalizations enabled by a complete abdication of responsibility by an emasculated head coach, the football happened again.

The Bears’ 51-23 embarrassment of a loss to the Patriots on Sunday was historically bad football, to be specific: a complete failure on multiple organizational levels, enough that it should shock the system going into their week off. A fortnight of introspection must loom, and by that I mean hard truths actually confronted and not hidden under a pile of blithe assurances from management or any more of Brandon Marshall’s pointless buffoonery.

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It’s all getting worse for the Bears, and the deterioration is accelerating. Gone is the silliness about feeling at home on the road and the reliance on mere haphazardness for any sense of optimism. For that matter, we can be excused for not wanting to hear “and it starts with me” or a reference to some things they just “need to clean up” or anything about growing the man or a toolbox of offensive concepts or making these players successful husbands and fathers.

This may be beyond coach Marc Trestman, now, as he dribbled his remaining authority down his leg covering for both his maxed-out quarterback and his unstable wide receiver. At least Jay Cutler kept playing hard even after the game was long decided, while Marshall was content to not finish routes while pleading for help from the officials. When this second-half tape is screened, coaches need to point out those who continued to care and call out those who acted like they didn’t.

Can we ask Kyle Long if it’s OK with him if we boo this? The franchise-record 38 points allowed to an opponent in a first half, Rob Gronkowki’s free releases off the line for nine catches and 149 yards and three touchdowns, two more turnovers added to Cutler’s total among the league leaders, the unthreatened mastery of Tom Brady to the tune of 30 completions in 35 attempts for 354 yards and five scores or the fact that this expensively reinforced defensive line registered only one late sack?

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Boo. There.

I’m sure Lamarr Houston thinks such blasphemy requires the eating of dirt, but it was he and his linemates too often with their faces in the turf, getting engulfed by blockers on both runs and passes. It was he getting that sack of backup Jimmy Garoppolo with the Bears having stumbled into garbage time down 25, then celebrating like an idiot and injuring his knee.

Why wouldn’t he celebrate, when players are allowed to do whatever they want?

Bears notes: Slauson, Houston injured

Cutler can keep being the mercurial talent that he is, balancing eye-popping throws with no commitment to secure the football, and general manager Phil Emery can still keep a straight face while calling him “elite,” just because he has a winning record as a starter. Marshall can use his unhinged, childish grandstanding to paint himself as a team leader, without a hint of concern from Trestman.

As they came off the field, Marshall told reporters outside the locker room to “come put y’all ears close to the door,” as if this game were funny. Not as funny as Darrelle Revis repeatedly clowning him, perhaps.

Bears fans will need a mordant sense of humor to stay connected to this team, one once so full of promise now reduced to likely also-ran — and one increasingly difficult to like. Trestman will now have time to assess the damage and figure out some reasonable salvage operation for 2014. It’s hard to see that happening now, however, having to trust a coach who has chosen so soft a touch.

Accountability involves much more than just repeating that word like it’s a magical mantra, hoping it imbues you with influence.

Anything goes under Trestman’s leadership, and on Sunday everything went.

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