CHICAGO (CBS) — The anthem of the Chicago Bulls, “Only for the Bulls,” may or may not have needed an update, but it got one — courtesy of Fall Out Boy and Lupe Fiasco.

When the Bulls started playing the original “Only the Bulls,” which was composed by Ira Antelis, Cheryl Berman and Steve Schanwald, after winning games last year, the idea to update the anthem arose.

Running with that idea, the Bulls enlisted Chicago artists Fall Out Boy and Lupe Fiasco to update the song. Fall Out Boy formed in Wilmette, Illinois and Lupe Fiasco is from Chicago’s West Side. They have created some of the most widely known and critically acclaimed music to come out of Chicago within the past decade.

So love them or hate them, they are, in theory, a good choice.

Listen to their version of “Only for the Bulls” below.