CHICAGO (CBS) — Chicago’s next Roman Catholic archbishop has arrived for his installation ceremony next week, but will spend several days out of the spotlight first.

Archbishop-designate Blase Cupich said he intends to spend the time between now and Monday evening preparing himself spiritually for what is ahead.

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Cupich was taken aback by the media mob that greeted him in the baggage area of O’Hare International Airport’s Terminal 2 on his flight from Baltimore, where he attended a bishops’ conference.

Relatives–some of whom he said are bringing young children–are beginning to arrive for the installation Tuesday at Holy Name Cathedral. For now, Cupich is staying with Francis Cardinal George at the Cardinal’s mansion, at 1555 N. State Pkwy.

Cupich said he still intends to move to quarters in the rectory of Holy Name Cathedral, but said they are not yet ready. He said the apartment into which he will move does not even have a bed yet.

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Formal installation will occur Tuesday afternoon at Holy Name Cathedral, when Cupich is elevated from the rank of bishop to the rank of archbishop.

The title of “Cardinal” is one conferred by the pope and does not come automatically with the post of Archbishop of Chicago. Although he is retiring, George will continue to have the title of “Cardinal” and may remain active in church affairs until he turns 80.

Cupich said he has met with Mayor Rahm Emanuel. He said he intends to work with Emanuel and other community leaders to try to curb violence, although he said he does not expect the task to be an easy one.

The future archbishop said he is pleased with the “transparency” Cardinal George has shown in releasing documentation on all but two of the known pedophile priests in the Archdiocese. Critics have said that the Archdiocese continues to be less than forthcoming on sex abuse issues.

He said that if President Obama elects to take unilateral action on immigration issues the commander-in-chief will have both his support and the support of the nation’s Catholic bishops.

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Bishop Cupich said again that leaders of both political parties need to make a comprehensive immigration package a top priority in Washington.