(CBS) — Imagine losing a 100-dollar bill out of your pocket – and then seeing a photo of the man who picked it up – but not being able to find him.

The scene: A Shell gas station in Batavia at Randall and Main Street last Tuesday night. Two men are lined up at the cashier.

A 100-dollar bill falls out of one man’s pocket, police say, and the man behind him covers the bill with his foot. Then picks it up.

The man who lost the 100 dollars comes back later – when he discovers he’s missing 100 dollars – but the money is gone. And so is the man who picked it up.

How do Batavia Police know this?

“We looked at the videotape.”

Detective Kevin Bretz of the Batavia Police says this is not a case of “finders keepers.”

“This is a crime. And whether it be a misdemeanor, which this would be, which is a lower offense than obviously a bank robbery would be – we’re talking apples and oranges – this is an illegal act. And it’s on videotape.”

Batavia Police posted still photos on their Facebook page – hoping to ID the man who picked up the 100 dollars. Anyone who recognizes the suspect is asked to contact the Batavia Police Department, Investigations Division at (630)454-2500.