(CBS) Take a bow, Marc Trestman.

As your Bears are mired in an underachieving 5-7 season, you can take solace in the fact that you’ve been crowned the 2014 champion of The Boers and Bernstein Show’s 13th annual Quote of the Year Competition.

It was a line that only a deep thinker like Trestman could summon.

“I haven’t heard any of that. I didn’t hear all of it. I heard a lot about most of it, but what I did hear, I did not hear any of that.”

Trestman didn’t just confuse us with perhaps the most mind-bending quote of the year, he carried the vote in a manner rarely seen. In a field of eight nominees, he garnered 53 percent of the vote. Here were the final results.

Marc Trestman — 53%
Dan McNeil — 15%
Les Grobstein — 10%
Tommy Lasorda — 6%
Hawk Harrelson — 6%
Rikk Wilde — 4%
James on the West Side — 4%
David Schuster — 2%

Below is the list of all-time Quote of the Year winners, followed by the clips of this year’s nominees. Also, check out this link to producer and audio extraordinaire Chris Tannehill’s SoundCloud, where you can find and listen to all the other awards that were handed out Wednesday during the annual show.


2002 – Dick Jauron
2003 – Tom Skutnik
2004 – Hawk Harrelson
2005 – Mary in La Porte
2006 – Johnny Red Kerr
2007 – Suzyn Waldman
2008 – George Ofman
2009 – Joe in Evanston
2010 – Mel Gibson
2011 – Tyler Hansbrough
2012 – Hawk Harrelson
2013 – Chris Rongey
2014 – Marc Trestman