(CBS) In a lost season in which the entire Bears organization — from the front office to the coaching staff to the players — deserves heat for a 5-8 record, Chicago’s fans must rightfully now be criticized too.

Some of them, at least.

Some Bears fans — again “some,” likely not even a majority, but certainly enough to be heard — cheered when it was announced that safety Chris Conte wouldn’t return after suffering a back injury in the third quarter of Thursday night’s 41-28 loss against the Cowboys.

Conte’s long been a target of Chicago’s venom after a Week 17 mishap of his in 2013 led to a Packers touchdown that kept the Bears out of the playoffs, but we can all agree that the cheering of his not returning after an injury is a class-less, low blow. Conte’s already fought through a battery on injuries this season, including concussions, shoulder issues, an eye problem and now a back ailment.

The Bears have caused that frustration on the part of their fans, but there’s no excuse for the actions.

It’s just yet another ugly sight in a season full of them.

Soldier Field had 6,293 unused tickets last night, about 10 percent of the stadium’s capacity.