By John Dodge

By John Dodge

CHICAGO (CBS) — Judging from the new trailer for HBO’s “Girls,” the girls not surprisingly will contend with more relationship conflict, with their men and each other.

It wouldn’t be much of a series without it.

Hanna and Adam: Is it finally over for them? Do they have a plan to salvage their tormented relationship?

“The plan is, there is no plan,” Adam muses. (We see Hanna moving her belongings, but is she really going to Iowa?)

So, maybe yes, maybe no.

At the send of season three, Shosh was trying to get Ray back. In the season four trailer, she tells him she really didn’t care that he had romp with Marnie.

“You totally picked the best one of my friends … because I never really like Marnie,” she says.

So sweet.

Does anybody like Marnie? After obsessing over Desi, she is seen nagging about his apparent lack of creative motivation.

The best line of the trailer comes from Adam’s sister, who tells Hanna that she was “perfect for him” because Adam is “at his best when he is nurturing the poor, the lost, the profoundly damaged.”

Season four starts Jan. 11.