(CBS) — Park patrons in the West Loop are calling on police to ticket irresponsible dog owners who leave dog droppings behind, reports WBBM’s Lisa Fielding.

Mary Bartelme Park has a poop problem. That is because residents say more and more dog owners are skirting the park’s rules and allowing their dogs to roam off leash, leaving behind much ado about doggy doo-doo.

“We have a large dog-friendly area and you know, we have a kids area and we have open area and so everyone should be able to equally enjoy the park,” said Scott Maesel, president of the park’s advisory council.

Maesel says the park has a designated dog area. Owners could face up to $500 if they fail to clean up their pet’s poop. He says it may be time to step up enforcement.

“I’m hoping that a few people are made examples of and then it gets the word out and we don’t have this problem,” Maesel said.

Dogs are only allowed in the designated dog area and on sidewalks that intersect the park property.

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