(CBS) — Senator Kirk is in Pennsylvania at a retreat for the House and Senate and tells WBBM the alleged plot to attack the U.S. Capitol is on people’s minds there.

“It’s got a lot of security here. I’d say we’ve got a lot of capitol security walking around, probably because of these threats.”

Senator Kirk provided more information about the alleged plot.

“I understand he had about 600 rounds on him – and they thought he might do a shooting attack on the U.S. Capitol. In this case we have to make sure we are doing everything possible, monitoring social media and making sure whoever is an utter, complete Islamic radical wacko has got not a chance in Chicago.”

Congressman Danny Davis (D, Chicago) says you can’t take anything for granted.

“We have to follow up on every lead that we get, every allegation,” Davis said.

Senator Kirk says the key thing he’s worried about is O’Hare as a potential target, but he says he met with the FBI a couple of weeks ago and learned that the Chicago FBI has 900 agents and he says he was assured that was ample, including, he says, enough Arabic-speaking agents.