(CBS) — A few hundred people gathered at the Chicago Loop Synagogue Wednesday at noon for a service to remember the victims of the attacks in France last week.

The names of the seventeen people who were killed were read. One of those who read the names: David Benkemoun, a Frenchman who’s been living in Chicago for the past year.

“As a French citizen and as a Jew, when you see the country where you grew up shaken at its roots – when you see the people you love afraid for their life, scared – and you are far away from them (and) you cannot be with them – you feel devastated. You feel alone.

“And that was my mistake. I felt alone. I forgot I belong to something greater. When I look around me today, I see you all standing with us as a people.”

Among those on the program, a representative of the Islam Cultural Center.

The service was hosted by the Jewish United Fund.