CHICAGO (CBS) — Morton Grove police said they will not stop investigating until they find the person whose vehicle hit and killed an 86-year old man Monday night.

Richard Mikulec was near the intersection of Harlem Avenue and Shermer Road when he was hit. The driver sped off.

Morton Grove Police Commander Paul Yaras said police still don’t know what kind of vehicle that was involved, but investigators have collected debris the vehicle left behind, and were getting help from the FBI in trying to figure out what kind of vehicle that debris might have come from.

He also said detectives and officers were out in the area around the accident site Tuesday night, and will be again Wednesday night around the same time the accident happened on Monday.

Yaras said investigators have seen traffic camera video from the area, but no cameras saw the accident or a vehicle that might have front end damage from such an impact. The commander said police also are looking for video area residents may have from around the time of the accident.

“We are covering every base possible, and every tip we get, we’re going to investigate,” he said.

Yaras said police have received some tips but nothing that has yet panned out.

Police have also put out robo-calls and email-blasts to people in the community looking for anyone who may have seen something or know something about the hit-and-run accident.