CHICAGO (CBS) — Hundreds of parents and daycare providers gathered at the Thompson Center on Friday to call on state lawmakers to restore funding to the Illinois Child Care Assistance Program.

“We need funding today. We need it in place today! There is no more money for daycare in Illinois,” said organizer Pamela Walker.

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Lawmakers and former Gov. Pat Quinn approved a budget last spring that left the Illinois Child Care Assistance Program nearly $300 million short of what it would need to last until a new budget kicks in July 1.

Walker said the consequences of the budget cuts will be devastating.

“As of today, daycare centers will close. Today they are cutting hours from employees because they cannot sustain their payroll and that affects hundreds of thousands of children,” she said.

The program helps low income and working families with child care costs. Subsidies for some of the nearly 176,000 Illinois kids who rely on the program will stop next week.

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“I’ve already had to make immediate adjustments. We have told families if they are not able to get the funding, we will not be able to operate the day to day operations of our business,” said Keitheia Adkins, operator of New Knowledge Learning Center, 8440 S. Kedzie.

Adkins takes care of about 40 children daily.

“Most of our money comes from the Child Care Assistance Program. My parents will not be able to go to work if I’m unable to keep my doors open. We were told the funding was no longer there and we don’t know where it’s going to come from,” said Adkins. “This is an emergency.”

It was unclear what Gov. Bruce Rauner or state lawmakers planned on doing to fix the problem. Rauner has said restoring child care funding is one of his top priorities, but put the blame on his predecessor for creating the shortfall.

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State officials said they still have access to some federal funds, and will be able to make some partial payments. In the meantime, many day care providers say they will continue to work with families to try to keep that child care going.