CHICAGO (CBS) — Classes at Chicago Public Schools will resume on Tuesday, a day after classes were canceled Monday due to the blizzard.

A total of 19.3 inches of snow fell on Chicago over the weekend, the fifth largest snowstorm ever recorded in Chicago. As it was still snowing late Sunday night and early Monday, and side streets had not yet been cleared by Monday morning, classes were canceled Monday, though school buildings remained open, for students who needed somewhere to go for the day. Though teachers were not at schools on Monday, school administrators, custodians, and building engineers were.

Tuesday afternoon, Chicago Board of Education Vice President Jesse Ruiz said classes would resume as normal Tuesday. The snowstorm cleared the area early Monday, and plows began clearing side streets by Monday afternoon.

CPS employees were clearing sidewalks and parking lots at all schools on Monday to make sure students and staff could get inside buildings.

“Our comprehensive snow removal plans are tailored to each school; relying on custodians, engineers, and contractors to clear sidewalks, walkways, and parking lots,” Ruiz said.

Ruiz encouraged parents to make sure their children are dressed for the cold weather when they go back to class on Tuesday.

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