(CBS) It’s not just analysts, fans and casual observers who have been left stunned by the Seahawks’ decision not to give the ball to star running back Marshawn Lynch at the 1-yard line in the final minute with the Super Bowl on the line on Sunday night.

Players in other sports can’t even understand why Seattle chose to throw a pass, which was picked off in traffic, sealing New England’s 28-24 win.

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“I love Pete Carroll,” Bulls center Joakim Noah said. “But I’m French, and I know that was bad.”

Noah wasn’t the only Bull with Super Bowl thoughts. Coach Tom Thibodeau — who is friends with Patriots coach Bill Belichick dating back to his days as an assistant with the Celtics — was pleased with the outcome. With his Bulls encountering recent struggles, Thibodeau also referenced the game in a meeting with his players, saying the difference between victory and defeat is such a fine line.

“Sometimes one play is the difference,” Thibodeau said. “It’s the difference between maybe being a champion and not being a champion. So that’s why how you build your habits all year is so important, how you practice, how you prepare.

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“It was an unbelievable game. We actually talked about it, just the range of emotion and how there’s not much difference in winning and losing — one play here or one play there. You look at the Patriots’ sideline, and they had despair. Then of course, the game changed two plays later. It shows you just how close everything is. You always got to try to put as many things in your favor as you can. But it was a great game to watch.”

So would Thibodeau have called for a running play at the goal line with Lynch?

“I think everyone would say that,” Thibodeau said with a laugh. “But that’s the game. You got two great teams really going at it.”

In more serious Bulls news, forward Mike Dunleavy missed Monday’s practice with a jammed right ankle. He’s missed 16 straight games with the injury, and it’s unclear if he’ll play Wednesday against the Rockets on the road.

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Houston center Dwight Howard is unlikely to play Wednesday as he deals with a right knee injury.