(CBS) — For Tuesday night’s Chicago mayoral debate, CBS 2 is partnering with the Chicago Urban League and the Business Leadership Council. CBS 2’s Dorothy Tucker reports both are committed to creating jobs, opportunities and leaders in the Black Community.

Jeffrey Wright was born on the West Side and raised by a single mom on a fixed income. He is now a member of an elite group of emerging leaders chosen by the Business Leadership Council.

“The mayor has come to visit with us, the prior governor has come to visit with us,” he said.

Wright was selected because of his impressive background. He has an undergraduate degree from Georgetown, an MBA from Northwestern’s Kellogg Business School and is a senior banker at Urban Partnership, being groomed to be a future CEO by current ones.

“I have direct access to really successful business leaders, like Jim Reynolds, Frank Clark and John Rogers,” Wright said. “As I am making decisions and looking to improve my situation they are accessible and willing to help.”

Selena Gray-Sizemore of the Chicago Urban League runs their Entrepreneurship Center says the mission of it is to, “develop small businesses.”

Each year, some 500 business owners find support and guidance at the Urban League.

“Small businesses are the drivers of job creation,” Gray-Sizemore said. “African-American-owned businesses are more likely to employ African-Americans.”

The Chicago Urban League has been around for nearly 100 years and the Business Leadership Council has been around for five years.

Dorothy Tucker