CHICAGO (CBS) — There are cars that are new, different and one-of-a-kind at this year’s Chicago Auto Show. And then there is one that is just plain weird, and the kids love it.

Many cars at the Auto Show make a statement, but there is none quite like the SpongeBob Square Pants Toyota Sienna.

Toyota’s Curt McAllister says those who attend the show, at McCormick Place through next Sunday, spot it the moment you walk into the show’s South Pavilion.

“It’ll be pretty apparent on the floor because you will see it surrounded by bubbles,” he said. “There’s actually a bubble machine that’s affixed to the roof inside. Bubbles will emanate through the sun roof and a large, circular bubble wand.”

Just like the ones you had as a child, only dozens of times larger.

“There’s be a steady stream of bubbles, as if they were at the bottom of Bikini Bottom,” he said.

It has floors that are intentionally sandy, and seat cushions bearing the likenesses of such Sponge Bob characters as Patrick the Starfish and Squidward. It is one-of-a-kind, designed jointly with the Nickelodeon cable channel in conjunction with the release of the new SpongeBob movie.