CHICAGO (CBS) — Here’s something to get you thinking about summer: planners already are putting together fireworks shows for Independence Day.

The village of Wheeling had to get creative this year. A major project to create a downtown district ruled out the normal fireworks site near the village hall.

Instead, Wheeling and Prospect Heights are pooling their resources and hoping to stage their July 3rd fireworks display at the Chicago Executive Airport, formerly known as Palwaukee Airport.

The airport’s executive director, Jamie Abbott, is on board.

“The airport used to do open houses on the east side of the airport; and we quit doing those, oh, three or four years ago. So we thought this might be a good opportunity to invite the public back into the airport,” Abbott said.

The airport still needs permits from the state and the FAA, which has to sign off on shutting down normal aircraft operations that day, but Abbott is confident of approval.

Wheeling trustees have approved signing a $25,000 dollar contract with an Indiana pyrotechnical company for the show, and will split the cost with Prospect Heights. They hope to offset their costs with corporate sponsorships.