CHICAGO (CBS) — Watchdog groups from across the political spectrum agree Gov. Bruce Rauner’s new budget proposals grapple with the serious fiscal problems gripping the state, but they differ about whether the plans to cut billions in spending will fly.

Carol Portman, president of the Taxpayers Federation of Illinois, said Rauner’s 2016 budget plan reflects the state’s grim fiscal reality.

“In our state, we’ve been – for a long time now – spending more money than we’ve been bringing in, and the governor’s address this week really brought it home what that means,” she said.

However, Center for Tax and Budget Accountability executive director Ralph Martire suggested some of Rauner’s solutions are not serious proposals.

“A pension reform proposal, which he’s counting on to save over $2 billion, runs directly contrary to the clear language in our Illinois Constitution,” he said.

Ted Dabrowski, policy director for the Illinois Policy Institute, said Rauner does address overspending and the rollback of the 2011 income tax hike, which Dabrowski called a mistake.

“It raised tons of money, but it didn’t fix a single problem. Why? Because the government didn’t know how to spend it, and avoided reforms when it did,” he said.

The governor’s budget plan is the focus of this week’s “At Issue” program, airing Sunday on WBBM Newsradio at 9:30 a.m. and 9:30 p.m.