By Roseanne Tellez

CHICAGO (CBS) — The landlords for 19 buildings were summoned to emergency heat court on Monday after complaints of no heat.

CBS 2’s Roseanne Tellez reports at one building, the ice on the windows says it all.

Monica Coben says her landlord passed away, and the relative who inherited the property cut off heat to the basement, making it impossible for her to keep here unit warm. She uses a small electric heater and the stove.

She says the city told her she is, “Entitled to hot water an heat for the basement.”

It’s the same story at one building in the South Shore neighborhood. Andrea Harbin says she left the building until her landlord takes action.

“We already reported it to the landlord,” Harbin said. “They know about it, it is like they don’t care.”

In emergency heat court today- tiffany booker, who has five children living with her faced her landlord’s attorney.

“It’s probably like 20, 30 degrees…we got space heaters in the room but they are only doing so much,” Booker said.

“My client, like any other tenant who complains of no heat, wants to fix the problem,” Ira Plitz, an attorney for one of the landlords.

Under the city’s heat ordinance, landlords face fines of up to $500 a day for each day a building is without adequate heat.

The city says renters should call 311 if their landlord is not supplying adequate heat.

The landlords of the following buildings were summoned to the emergency heat court Monday:

• 7249 S. Richmond
• 5658 S. Wells
• 7625-33 S. East End
• 3493 N. Karlov / 4040 W. Roscoe
• 3301-05 W. Bryn Mawr/ 5548-54 N. Spaulding
• 5049-57 W. Ferdinand
• 6840 S. Throop
• 1902 N. Kildare
• 6701-15 S. Merrill / 2135-41 E. 67th St
• 2607-09 N. Lavergne / 4956-58 W. Wrightwood
• 4631-35 S. Lake Park Ave
• 4422 S. Saint Lawrence
• 9449-53 S. Loomis / 1354-58 W. 95th St
• 5706 S. Christiana
• 10745 S. Eggleston
• 3535-39 W 63rd Pl
• 1632 W. 100th Pl
• 6514-16 S. Talman
• 4434 W. Monroe