If you want to board an L train without worrying it will be filled with “manspreading” bros (or if you want to board an L train and not feel guilty about manspreading), there’s a solution: rent your own.

Maybe it’s a new ploy to fund public transportation, maybe it’s just the answer to what many people are demanding, but you can charter your own L train. As the CTA website says, “the limits of your venue become the limits of the city itself.”

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This is apparently intended for people who want to party, or possibly travel to a party. With that said, prices start at $1,800 and alcoholic beverages are not allow.

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You can however bring along food, non-alcoholic beverages and a battery operated sound system.

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So, you know, if you and 35 of your closest friends wanna party on an L train, here’s your chance. As long as you don’t want to party during rush hour, that is.