(CBS) Marc Trestman tried many techniques to “grow the man” during his time at Halas Hall.

In an effort to build team chemistry and get players on opposite sides of the ball more familiar with each other, Trestman mixed and matched players around the Halas Hall locker room (for example: Jared Allen’s locker was next to Brandon Marshall’s locker).

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However, just like Trestman, that experiment can no longer be found at Halas Hall. The locker room is now organized by position group, per a report from the team’s official website.

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While the locker room was amiss and a source of animosity and negativity throughout the season, clearly the player configuration wasn’t at the heart of the Bears’ woes in 2014. The lack of leadership and accountability stemmed from Trestman’s inability to command and demand the respect of his team and foster relationships with the existing leadership structure when he took over in January of 2013.

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This move by the new regime is yet another refreshing reminder that the status quo at Halas Hall was no longer acceptable.