CHICAGO (CBS) — Cardinal Francis George recently spent almost a week in the hospital for tests, and has halted his treatment for cancer, but the retired head of the Catholic church in Chicago is still keeping busy, according to his successor.

Archbishop Blase Cupich said he’s spoken to George since he got home from the hospital on Saturday. George was admitted Loyola University Medical Center in Maywood on March 1 to undergo tests after experiencing leg pain, and released six days later.

“He is back at the residence, and is being helped with the pain management. He was very pleased with the help that he received,” Cupich said Monday while at an event to call on Congress to pass immigration reform legislation.

More than a month ago, Cardinal George stopped his treatment for cancer, after an experimental drug proved ineffective for him, and doctors told him they had run out of options.

Cupich said, despite the cardinal’s recent health setbacks, his spirits are good.

“He’s a man who’s very resilient, having suffered as much as he has; telling me about some of the work that he’s continuing to do on a book, and also things that he still wants to accomplish. So he’s got his agenda full,” Cupich said.

George, 78, was diagnosed with cancer in his right kidney one year ago. It was his third bout with cancer, after another kidney cancer diagnosis in 2012, and a battle with bladder cancer in 2006.

The cardinal has said he expects cancer to likely be the cause of his death.