CHICAGO (CBS) — Police are investigating a road rage incident in Rogers Park last week where video captured a driver repeatedly ramming his car into another while the other driver shows off his flying kicks.

The video was obtained by Witnesses could not believe their eyes as the two drivers went after each other for more than six minutes.

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Police tell CBS 2’s Chris Martinez that the conflict began with a minor hit and run and ended several blocks away with a major fight.

It began when one man got out of his Camry and began punching and kicking an Audi that police say hit his car earlier and then took off.

“I heard the boom boom boom and the swearing and the yelling,” said witness Tom Perrone.

The Audi’s driver then backed into the Camry multiple times and made a U-turn and began ramming the Camry.

At one point, the Camry grabbed a shovel, trying to return the damage.

“He was hollering and people across the street were saying ‘call the cops call the cops,’” said Erickson Ocasio.

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Ocasio watched it all, then noticed a familiar face.

“I recognized the gentleman as soon as he drove by with the window broken,” he said.

That man, the driver of the Audi, is Martin Vigil, a real estate agent.
and former colleague of Erickson.

Police say he’s to blame for the more than six minute long battle that left this block stunned.

“I’m sure they could have resolved it without doing that… I’m sure they could have, but, things happen,” said Perrone.

CBS 2 spoke with Martin Vigil who says he believes he’s the victim here and says he was just defending himself.

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Police see it differently and have charged him with a number of misdemeanors, including assault.