By Mai Martinez

(CBS) — Another honor today for a young cancer patient fighting the fight of her life: Emily Beazley and her sister became honorary Chicago Police Officers.

CBS 2’s Mai Martinez has a look at the ceremony and what Emily’s story is doing for other cancer patients like her.

It was a hero’s welcome for Emily Beazley and her family today at Chicago Police Headquarters where the 12-year-old and her sister Olivia were sworn in as Honorary Chicago Police Officers.

“Today’s a very, very special day in the Chicago Police Department as we welcome two new police officers with incredible courage and dignity and strength,” said Chicago Police Superintendent Garry McCarthy.

Their father Detective Ed Beazley couldn’t be prouder as his daughters received honorary police stars.

“They definitely earned it with their loyalty towards each other,” he said. “The best of partners, the best of friends. Olivia hasn’t left her sister’s side since day one.”

Day one was four years ago when Emily was diagnosed with the most aggressive form of non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma. Olivia even donated stem cells to try to help her sister, but Emily relapsed.

“The fight that I’ve been going through for the past four years has been difficult, but you’ve got to stay strong and you got to stay positive no matter what happens,” Emily said.

That positive attitude has inspired thousands in Chicago and around the world–including other young cancer patients like 13-year-old Aleks.

“Thank you Emily,” Aleks said. “This is really helping everyone, especially right now me. It’s like it helps everyone to find the cure.”

Dr. Stewart Goldman says it’s wonderful to see one little girl shining a big light on childhood cancer.

“More funding will lead to more research so we can make the breakthroughs that we so desperately need,” Dr. Goldman said.

Emily’s family never imagined her story would take on the life it has. Doctors have told them there’s nothing more they can do for Emily, but her family hopes her fight and the attention it’s brought to childhood cancer might help save other lives.