(CBS) — A total of 33 women in the Chicago area are now suing the Ford Motor Company – claiming they were sexually harassed.

Last fall, four women sued Ford for harassment, saying they were groped and fondled at the Ford assembly plant in Chicago.

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Now 29 women have joined that lawsuit. Most have worked at that assembly plant; some at the Ford stamping plant in Chicago Heights.

One of the female employees who’s joined the suit is Shranda Campbell.

“I will not ever be used for my body. Period,” she said.

Some of the women say they’ve been retaliated against for speaking out.

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It was fifteen years ago when Ford settled another sexual harassment suit.

The women’s attorney in that suit and in the current lawsuit is Keith Hunt. He says Ford’s recent declarations that it’s made some changes to combat harassment don’t add up.

Shranda Campbell is one of the women joining the lawsuit. (Credit: Steve Miller)

Shranda Campbell is one of the women joining the lawsuit. (Credit: Steve Miller)

“There really is nothing meaningful that has changed in the working environment. You know, you can put lipstick on a pig but it still smells the same,” he said.

CBS 2’s Dana Kozlov spoke with human relations consultant Audeni Nunez, who says, “You need to document everything you say and then if nothing is happening at least you’ve done the paper trail”

Ford says in a statement that the company has a zero-tolerance anti-harassment policy that applies to all employees – and that Ford takes the allegations of harassment and improper conduct very seriously.

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The United Auto Workers did not respond to a request from CBS to for comment.