(CBS) As the Tom Thibodeau-Bulls saga sits in its sixth day with little movement as to what lies ahead for his future with the team, multiple reports have suggested Thibodeau sitting out a year of coaching is very much in play if the organization does choose to make a change.

Thibodeau has been linked to the job opening in New Orleans — which offered him the gig in 2010 before he chose Chicago — but the Pelicans have reportedly met with Warriors assistant Alvin Gentry and have expressed no willingness to date to offer compensation for Thibodeau, who has two years and about $9 million left on his contract with Chicago.

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Orlando is another possible landing spot for Thibodeau if he leaves the Bulls, but Yahoo Sports NBA insider Adrian Wojnarowski cautioned that the Magic may not be willing to offer the big money to Thibodeau that some reports have suggested could be in the $7 million to $9 million range annually.

And as Wojnarowski sees it, money does matter to Thibodeau here.

“I don’t think anyone’s willing right now to give compensation (to the Bulls),” Wojnarowski said on the Mully and Hanley Show on Wednesday morning. “And I’m no so sure about Orlando that there’s a big Brinks truck of money waiting for him. Two things — Chicago wants to get compensation for him. I don’t know that it’s out there right now. I don’t know that in New Orleans and Orlando that either is willing to give a draft pick. And second of all, I’m not sure both are dying for Thibs right now. And he may have to sit out a year. Thibs wants to get paid He wants more than that four (million) and change he’s making a year in Chicago. I think Thibs is looking for a bigger payday. I don’t know that it’s out there right now for him. It may take him sitting out a year to get it and to step away from the Chicago thing.

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“So what I think is most likely here is the Bulls realize that there’s no one that’s giving them a pick out there. And then at some point here, they’re going to have to decide to fire him. And probably if he sits out, eat the $4 million on his contract this (coming) year. There’d be an offset on the contract, so if he started working (in 2016-’17) … they’d get some relief on his money.

“I don’t know if the world is waiting for Thibs right now.”

Wojnarowski’s take squares with what the Tribune’s K.C. Johnson reported Tuesday evening when he wrote, “Two people with ties to Thibodeau have suggested he could be content taking a year off, collecting his $4 million-plus from the Bulls and waiting for 2016 openings.”

If Thibodeau coaches elsewhere next season, there’s reportedly an offset clause in his contract that would give the Bulls financial relief. If the Bulls fire him and he sits out an entire season, they’d have to pay him his $4 million-plus.

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For now, the standoff continues, with everyone waiting for another party to make the first move or call another’s bluff.