(CBS) — About two thousand McDonald’s workers demonstrated for higher wages at the chain’s corporate headquarters in Oak Brook, reports WBBM’s Steve Miller.

The demonstrators were brought in from all over the country, demanding $15-an-hour wages from McDonald’s.

Many were local, including Douglas Hunter, who works at a McDonald’s in the Austin neighborhood and is a single parent providing for himself and his daughter.

“I bring home like 700 a month,” Hunter said. “Our rent is 785 dollars. That is no light. That is no heat. That is no food. That is no clothes. This is ridiculous for me to have to go to public assistance to get food stamps when I am working every day for a company that is grossing the billions that they are grossing.”

McDonald’s says it respects the protesters right to demonstrate and closed its corporate offices for a day and a half knowing that demonstrators would be filling the area.

The protest is planned to continue Thursday. Oak Brook police say no arrests were made.