CHICAGO (CBS) — Hundreds of people came to St. Sabina’s block party on the 7800 block of South Throop for a good time and the chance to get a photo taken with filmmaker Spike Lee, who’s underwriting the festivities.

WBBM’s Bob Roberts reports there was free food, free music and raffles. You could get your blood pressure checked and there were games for the kids but hundreds stood in line signing releases and waiting for a chance to have their photo taken with Spike Lee, who filmed each exchange and offered some a role in “Chiraq.”

Father Michael Pfleger enjoyed every minute.

“Kids are having a good time, we’ve got gang members, we’ve got grandmas, we’ve got free food, Spike is out here, John Cusack is out here, Joakim Noah is on his way, Craig Hodges is out here,” Pfleger said. “This is what it is all about: family, community, having a good time. That is all it was ever about.”

Initially, Alderman David Moore denied the permit for the block party, objecting to the film’s name, but eventually allowed it.

Asked if he has buried the hatchet with his alderman, Fr. Pfleger says he owns no hatchet, he is a peace-loving man.