UPDATE: 2:58 p.m.

CHICAGO (CBS) — Afraid that Chicago could see a weekend with 100 shootings, Cook County Commissioner Richard Boykin called a summit Saturday.

Police, prosecutors and even some participants with gang backgrounds were at the summit at UIC.

WBBM’s Bob Roberts reports there was little controversy over most of the points: strict curfew enforcement, expansion of therapeutic court models, using sheriff’s deputies alongside Chicago Police in high crime areas, job training programs and workshops on parenting.

“People should not have to live in fear and in terror in their communities, not in America, not in Chicago,” Boykin said. “It should not happen and five percent of the community shouldn’t be able to terrorize and control the other 95 percent.”

Boykin wants certain gang members tried as domestic terrorist, but Clifton McFowler, a former gang member who is now an outreach worker, that is overkill.

“I work every day with them and I don’t see terrorists there,” he said. “I see kids that need some guidance, some support. I don’t see them as terrorists so I take offence when you call my kids terrorists because they’re not terrorists.”

All involved said the city needs more such meetings.