(CBS) — Archaeologists in Northwest Indiana have made a starting find, and it could be thousands of years old.In order to get a permit to do certain deep excavation work, archaeologists have to take a look at the site.

In Lake County, Ind., surveyors sifting through the Singelton Stone Quarry hit found mummified remains.

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“These are older remains. This is not a crime scene,” Marty Benson, spokesperson for the Indiana Department of Natural Resources, tells WBBM’s Cisco Cotto. “These remains are much older than pre-1940, and that’s the determination whether it’s a modern-day crime scene.”

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Benson says the remains have been secured for examination by experts.

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Lake County Sheriff John Buncich tells the Northwest Indiana Times a head and torso were easily discernible. It could be the site of an ancient Native American burial ground, the sheriff was quoted as saying.