(CBS) — The Rev. Jesse Jackson is asking Gov. Bruce Rauner and Democratic leaders to sit down and negotiate an end to the state’s budget impasse.

Jackson said Saturday that Illinois House Speaker Michael Madigan and state Senate President John Cullerton are willing, but said he has not been able to get a response from Rauner. He said he has spoken with union, business and community leaders to get input and also would like to bring U.S. Sen. Mark Kirk and Dick Durbin to the table to make sure Illinois avoids forfeiting federal funds through state cuts.

“We have ideas and recommendations. We want to share the burden and share the responsibility,”: he said. “We have a plan for growth. Inclusion leads to growth. Investment leads to growth. With growth, everyone wins. We’re not looking for losers.”

Center for Tax and Budget Accountability Executive Director Ralph Martirre said three changes could erase the shortfall – imposing a sales tax on consumer services, taxing retirement income exceeding $50,000 a year and an income tax rate of between 4.5 and 4.75 percent.

The individual income tax rate decreased from 5 percent to 3.75 percent on Jan. 1.