CHICAGO (CBS) — If all the rain we’ve had so far this summer has made it difficult to keep up with mowing your lawn, there’s a new app that promises to help.

Cuttly is described as Uber for lawn mowing. The smartphone app has been operating in 20 cities since it launched earlier this year. It recently expanded to Chicago.

Marketing manager Patrick Burns said the app aims to connect people with one of hundreds of service providers.

“It’s all GPS location, so they get on there, they submit an order, and it’s going to go to the closest person, making it the most efficient on-demand system you could have,” he said. “It’s all automated payment system, as well.”

Burns said the app currently provides a two-hour window for service, but the goal is to have someone at your home in 15 minutes.

Cuttly also connects users with snow plowing services in winter.