(CBS) — If your child starts acting up as soon as you get on your cell phone, a local psychologist says a new survey shows there’s good reason.

A recent survey by the Dutch online security company AVG Technologies finds 36 percent of kids said their parents let their mobile devices distract them during conversations.

54 percent of the kids said mom and dad check phones or devices too often.

Dr. Tiffany Sanders practices in Chicago, Naperville and Westchester.

She reviewed the survey and suggests parents wrap up any texts or calls before getting home or after they’re in bed.

If you must go online when your child is around, Dr. Sanders says do it while the little one is distracted or set strict limits and share that with them.

She says limits will not only curb tantrums that may come as a child tries to compete for parents’ attention but also shows impressionable kids how to avoid spending too much time online.