By Marissa Bailey

CHICAGO (CBS) — How could little Boogie cause so much trouble?

Or was the pooch being framed by a greedy driver?

The story starts with an Uber ride.

It ends with a $200 cleaning bill, allegedly because Boogie made a mess inside.

Boogie’s owner says the dog didn’t soil the car, and photos from Uber seem to raise more questions than answers.

April Sieber rarely travels without her pup Boogie.

On July 4, Sieber took an Uber-X to O’Hare airport, with Boogie in his carrier.

“I go into the airport and get my receipt–18 bucks–I was happy,” Sieber said.

About 10 hours after her trip, Sieber received a notice that her fee was changed.

“They pretty much say, ‘We found out there was mess made on your ride and we’re sorry for the inconvenience. We had to charge you $200.’ ”

The fee, Uber said via email, was due to her dog “making a mess.”

Sieber said she was “100 percent” certain that Boogie didn’t have an accident.

So Sieber asked Uber for proof.

Uber sent her pictures they used to charge her the cleaning fee.

But Sieber says the pictures are of two different cars.

The car she rode in?

Sieber said she rode in a black car with black leather interior.

But the one picture shows gray seats and interior.

And while the other picture shows a black floor, Sieber says there’s no way Boogie’s carrier would be spared if he urinated on the floor.

“I just want my Uber charge cleared so that it’s not on my credit report,” Sieber said. “It’s just his story against mine and that’s all it takes.”

After being contacted by CBS 2, Uber reviewed the issue and has refunded the money. They told April it was because protocol wasn’t followed prior to charging her the amount.

April’s suggestion for anyone taking an Uber X: take pictures in the car and when you get out, just in case.