Whether you’ve already secured your ticket or are playing the waiting game with third-party brokers, Lollapalooza is coming up quickly. Often noted as a final hoorah, this year brings an eclectic choice of headliners to officially close out each night and unofficially close out summer. In preparation and excitement, here are five facts about each of the three headlining acts.

Paul McCartney

  1. McCartney was the first of the Beatles to release a solo self-titled album in 1970, shortly after the group disbanded
  2. In 1980, McCartney was arrested in Japan for bringing marijuana into the country. It was his first visit back to Japan since the Beatles’ tour in 1966.
  3. McCartney was made an honorary NYPD detective in 2002. He was awarded the title during a return performance to Madison Square Garden, where he had previously performed a tribute to 9/11 victims.
  4. McCartney’s younger brother, Peter Michael, is known professionally as Mike McGear. He has been in two music groups (The Scaffold and GRIMMS) and is also a rock photographer.
  5. McCartney’s first musical instrument was actually a trumpet. It was a gift from his father who was in a jazz band at the time.


  1. Metallica was the biggest selling rock act in the 90’s.
  2. James Hetfield was raised in a strict Christian Science home and Lars Ulrich planned on becoming a professional tennis player (like his father).
  3. Metallica has previously headlined Lollapalooza, back in 1996.
  4. Metallica was the first band to have five consecutive studio albums debut at Number One.
  5. Hetfield and Ulrich once guest starred on a Disney cartoon, providing voice-overs for two dragons (they show up at the 0:55 mark).

Florence and the Machine

  1. At age 19, Welch once cornered Mairead Nash (of the DJ duo Queens of Noize) and sang her part of “Something’s Got a Hold on Me” by Etta James while in a bathroom. Nash was impressed and invited her to open for her duo’s club night. She is now the group’s manager.
  2. Isabella Summers, co-writer and keyboardist for the group, first met Welch when she was the babysitter for Welch’s younger sister.
  3. Welch performed at the secret wedding of Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds, her and Lively are close friends.
  4. Welch was a college dropout. She was attending Camberwell College of Arts at the time but was more interested in pursuing a career in music.
  5. Welch quit drinking during the recording process of How Big How Blue How Beautiful.

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