CHICAGO (CBS) — The quick actions by a 911 dispatcher saved a little girl from drowning in LaPorte County, police say.

According to police, 3-year-old Sophia Legros had been in an above ground pool with family members, when all the children were on the deck and preparing to leave their grandfather’s home in La Porte.

Sophia’s aunt, Kristen Rice, left the area to retrieve a car seat.

When she returned, she found her 10-year-old niece carrying Sophia away from the pool while yelling for help.

Sophia was turning blue and not breathing.

Rice, who is a 911 dispatcher and the afternoon shift supervisor for the La Porte County E-911 dispatch center, immediately began CPR.

Following two sets of chest compressions, Sophia began to vomit and then started to breathe on her own.

Sophia was rushed to the hospital, and family members report that Sophia is doing well.

“We are thankful that Sophia has a smile on her face this morning and what could have been a tragedy was turned into a positive outcome due to Kristen’s ability to perform live saving measures.” said La Porte County Sheriff John Boyd.