(CBS) — Chicago can be proud after a big win in the Junior National Wheelchair Softball Tournament in Omaha.

One of the stars of the team is the pitcher, Devin, who’s a junior at Urban Prep. His mom Renee didn’t want his last name given because he’s in a wheelchair after being shot in the leg last year and the case is still making its way through the courts.

He lost his leg and says he wanted to give up but his mom encouraged him.

“I was not into doing anything, I was staying in bed all day,” he said.

She’s thrilled to hear it because she says she had to play bad mommy with him to get him motivated.

Devin’s coach Trent Thenhaus says when he first started working with Devin about a year ago, Devin didn’t think he could do it.

“I know that I could eventually pull that out of him and didn’t know how quickly he would respond to it,” Thenhaus said.

Thenhaus says Devin’s so good they’re taking him with them for the adult softball championship in Biloxi this weekend.