CHICAGO (CBS) — After 23 years with the Chicago police department, Officer Richard Wooten retires today, but he says he’s not done working to make the city safer.

He describes his retirement as bittersweet, saying the department gave him the training and opportunity to serve but there’s more he wants to do.

Wooten says as a police officer, he couldn’t really help those who need it most – felons.

The 50-year-old, who is also the pastor at Faith Walk Church International, says he met many of people walking the beat in the Grand Crossing District who need more.

He points to a 40-year-old man who served two decades in prison for a murder he committed at 16.

Wooten says that man figured out that he needed to completely start over again.

Through a non-profit called the Gathering Point Community Council, Wooten hopes to offer job training, counseling and other social services to ex-felons, young people and whoever else needs it.

This comes at a time that state and city government are making cuts to those areas because of budget constraints.