CHICAGO (CBS) — CTA has announced its bringing back express bus service to two of Chicago’s most popular bus routes.

The CTA ended the express service on the #9 Ashland and #49 Western routes in 2010 as part of budget cuts but now the routes are back. CTA President Dorval Carter says it is improving commuter time.

“The routes are annually on the top three in terms of ridership and serve more than 50,000 riders on a typical weekday,” Carter said. “As a result, they will provide a much faster option for riders traveling longer distance as well as those going a short way.”

The CTA says the express buses will save up to 22 minutes on trips along each route. They will run during the morning and afternoon rush periods and make stops every half mile and at stops near rail stations.

The service will be up and running later this year.

The city is also plans on installing special transit signals to make it easier for buses to go through major intersections along Ashland and Western avenues.