(CBS) — More than 400 people will get together at one outdoor table for a dinner this weekend on a street in downtown LaPorte, Ind., showcasing locally grown and produced foods and beverages.

The dinner takes place at a table covered with white linen stretching nearly two blocks in front of the old courthouse.

“You know, it really is just a way to bring a bunch of strangers together and have dinner and nothing else, there’s really nothing else to it but having a really good meal with some really good beverages in the middle of LaPorte,” says Brad Hindsley, executive chef and owner of Spire Farm to Fork Cuisine in LaPorte.

Everything is locally grown or produced, including the lamb, the chicken, the produce, the beer and the wine.

The plates are antique, the glasses are mason jars, the silverware mismatched.

“The backdrop, with the courthouse, is going to make for a very moving, emotional vision when people see it for the first time,” Hindsley says.

The dinner is sold out.

This is the second year for the Farm Dinner. Last year, about 250 people took part.

After dinner, there will be live music.

The main dishes include Lamb Ragu with creamy polenta and honey Dijon barbecued chicken and roasted summer squash and apple-and-pecan coleslaw. For dessert: thumb print cookies with fresh jam.

This is the view from this weekend's streetside dinner in LaPorte, Ind. (Mike Krauser)

This is the view from this weekend’s streetside dinner in LaPorte, Ind. (Mike Krauser)