By Brad Edwards

(CBS) – School officials in the western suburbs admit a kindergartener was dropped off alone in a very unlikely location, on the first day of school.

To grandmother’s house little Josiah was supposed to go. Instead, he was dropped off at a Burger King on Monday. Then, he started wandering toward O’Hare Airport.

His mother, Christina Marin, knew something was amiss.

“I was freaked out, I was scared for him, because it was his first day of ever going on a bus to go to school,” she says. “I thought the worst.”

Then she got a call and learned her son had been let off in the wrong place, near the airport.

“I was beyond pissed,” she says.

The mother says days passed and she got no explanation. Her son frets about a mistake happening again.

The Bensenville Elementary School District 2 on its website said the first week is transportation is the most difficult. The matter was dealt with and all drivers will be retrained on procedures, officials said.

Brad Edwards